About Us

Greetings, and welcome to our blog! This blog is the beginning of an adventure for my fiancé, Dinora, and myself, TJ, into the world of the “Paleo Diet.” Call it a caveman diet, primal eating or whatever you would like, but after some research I concluded it was the best and most logical diet for us (much, much more on this later). Lucky for me Dinora was on board and took little convincing… I guess she trusts me and/or she, like me, realized we have 2 weddings at the end of this year, not to mention our own next March! No time better to start then now, especially since we don’t have much, right?

In addition to starting the Paleo Diet we also started fresh on P90x. We kind of, sort of started it about a month ago, but at the time our schedules were off and we more often found a way not to do it than we did. Well, now our schedules are on the same page thanks to a new job for Dinora, so no more excuses. I know often times the Paleo Diet is linked to Crossfit, however we currently aren’t what I would call in Crossfit shape. Yes, its for anyone, just like P90x, but I would rather be in great shape going into it in order to get more out than starting out slow. Maybe I’m hard headed, maybe I’m onto something, I don’t know, it’s just the way I am. Or maybe I am a sucker for the P90x pain. P90x is also something we can afford (arrrrrrggg, cough $0 cough) and convenient in that we can do it at home. So it has that going for it, which is nice.

So with our new found enthusiasm and routines set in place we decided to make this blog. Our plan is to use the blog to, A) keep us motivated since we will have to update, B) document our progress, and C) maybe even inspire and/or educate some of you (if anyone actually reads this thing).


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